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UOM Members - Weekly Live Call

UOM Weekly Live Call Notice


Access to the call will be posted inside the members-only FB group the day (Tuesday) prior to the call (Wednesday).


It is highly recommended that you attend each and every call as they are designed to allow Mosh & Ashley to provide you with valuable tips/tricks to assist you in growing your income/business; as well as being the opportune time for you to ask any questions which you may have.


Help Desk

To All Customers of Mosh Bari


We would like to start by thanking you for being a part of the WinarZ family and trusting us to provide you with the best, most up-to-date apps and services designed to assist you in reaching your dreams and goals.


This ticket system is designed to allow you to ask or team for assistance in the proper usage of your purchase(s). Once you submit a ticket, you can rest assured that one of our dedicated members will be providing you with an answer within 24 hours (however, if we have to contact an outside 3rd party for an answer it may take longer).


In order to provide you with the best service, please answer each question. This help us to get your ticket before the correct team member.

Reason for ticket?

Your name?

The email you purchased with?

Product you purchased?

Receipt/attach screenshot

Enter the answer to the Spam question?



Also we would like to invite you to join our private FB group (Mosh Bari's Beta Testers group) where Mosh provides tips/tricks to making money online and where you can get the chance to review upcoming products and services. (Please fully answer the membership questionnaire in order to be admitted.)




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