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What is DFY Cash Machines?


Every month we launch new money-making software. And every software comes with a Done For You upgrade. The price of the software and the Done For You upgrade costs Total above $300. 


Most people choose the Done For You upgrade. Spending a huge lot of money, because we do the hard work for them.


And the customers get everything ready Done For You by us. And they can start getting 20X more benefits and better results when they put them into use.


All these just by spending a one-off cost. But still, it's a pretty big amount for many of our customers who are on a budget.


And every month we get a lot of requests from our customers to reduce the price. But unfortunately, we can't just reduce the price due to the nature of the product.


After getting a lot of repeated requests we figured out a solution for the customers who are on a budget.


And the solution is charging minimum monthly subscription fees and deliver a new main offer. Plus, the Done For You upgrade every single month.


This way customers are getting a huge benefit at a tiny price.


And we are also getting a little compensation for the investment we make on these Done For You offers. So it's a win-win. And basically, a huge benefit for the customers.


Yes, of course, you can cancel the subscription, anytime you want, just by going to your PayPal account and hitting the Cancel button.


But, this way you will stop getting the benefits.


And I cannot guarantee when you will ever see this offer again. I leave the choice to you. But I am ready to help you with something that you need in case you choose to stay subscribed.

It may be any of my exclusive bonuses that you have seen, but couldn't grab. It could be additional training, or it couldn't be additional software.


Just do let me know.


The only reason I'm doing this because I respect my subscribers. I honor my customers. And I want to deliver the best of the best. And I want to see my customers, getting results fast.


Thank you so much.

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