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How to Get Results


Mavin is a simple platform allowing you to create a personal (or commercial) blog using other people's content as your own -- legally!!


The secret that has not been revealed anywhere else to seeing results with the system is:


1... SEO optimization is the key (you need for your post to be as SEO optimized as possible if you want to get organic visitors to your site

2... When you spin an article, reread the new article to make sure it sounds correct grammatically, and also that it contains at least 4 instances of your keyword

3... Start your post title with your keyword

4... Create a meta description (at least 80 words but less than 100) that describe the article

5... Social sharing can increase exposure and the more exposure you get, the more search engines notice and start referring traffic

6... Turn your keyword into hyperlinks that point to the offer you want your visitors to view

7... Be sure to include images in your posts (great trick, turn the images into clickable links to your offer)


People like to say that products don't work but the truth is, most products work just as the vendor says IF you take the time to figure out its secrets!!



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