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HostSquad is one the most time consuming bonuses that we have ever offered and such we ask for your patience as we have to handle each claim manually add they come in.

To help speed up the process, please visit our HostSquad Bonus Claim Desk and provide our rep with the following information.


your HostSquad login credentials (login url, username, password)

your WordPress admin dashboard credentials (login URL, username, password)

your domain name

the niche your site will focus on


what we will be doing for you:

1. we will be installing a set of premium WordPress plugins & themes

2. we will setup a website based upon your chosen niche

3. we will provide you with instructions to use & customize the above


After we do the above for you, you will need to go in, finish the setup and customize everything to your liking. We cannot do this. If any of the plugins we provide show as needing an API to update, as this is a bonus item, we do not provide the API key, but the plugins will continue to function fine with the upgrade.

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Date added: 2021-09-10 16:23:25

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