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Agency Reel v2.0


Thanks for picking up Agency Reel through Mosh's link, and as promised we are going to help set you up in your own money-making agency focused on providing the 3 things every business needs to survive: a website, quality content, and steady traffic.


To help us get your bonus prep started we need for you to provide us with the following info:

copy of your purchase receipt

your Agency Reel credentials

what US territory would you like to market too


please submit this info to our Agency Reel Bonus Claims Desk   and our team will begin working on your bonus ASAP. (please note that this is a time consuming endeavor and we have to handle each ticket manually.)



 what we will provide:


 1, a list of at least 250 potential prospects in the locale of the US you choose

2. the initial email template you need to send them (please edit)

 3. agency kit bonus package

4. assistance in landing your first client

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